Mining software & drift modeling

Mining software & drift modeling

In the mining industry,planning is a key factor for success. In today’s age it is absolutely fundamentalfor mine sites to operate and plan their future developments with software.
From the very beginning of the
exploration to the closure of a mine.

Mine sites that implement specialized software’s for their planning are able to store large amounts of data and have them at their disposals for manipulating in a matter of seconds.
There are many types of
activities that can be done, for example on the geological side you can import your data from diamond drill holes, interpret the information, create block models and estimate resources, as well as perform geostatistical models.

On the mine planningside, once you have your orebody and resources defined, you can choose your mining method and begin another critical phase of planning. For undergroundmining, drift modeling is an important aspect for the development of the mine. A complete set of tools will ensure the planning process goescorrectly to a fixed budget and time period. Also, depending on the mining method chosen (cut and fill, room and pillar, and so on), drift modeling will also be an important aspect to the drill and blast activities.

The main features that must contain a mining software for modeling drifts is to be able to plan out developments with information regarding to the geometry (distance, shape,slope,size direction, position, etc.) of the drifts, advance rates,overbreak reports,include material price to calculate cost per meter, create face maps, insert faults or other geomechanical information and to add attributes to the drawings, so when they are printed, they can be easily interpretated.

Other options like creating fast and easy sections of drifts can come in handy when planning, to help get a different perspective on the developments and to include them in mine plans. Since the industry is always evolving, new tools and opportunities keep coming up forminesoftware development. We hope to see new features and creative ideas to improvedrift modelingin the near future.

🎙 “En la mina, con Vanessa González” 🎙

🎙 “En la mina, con Vanessa González” 🎙

🎙 “En la mina, con Vanessa González”  es una sección de entrevista donde tendremos la oportunidad de conocer de primera mano a profesionales de la industria minera y los diferentes retos que han afrontado a lo largo de sus carreras.

📹 En esta segunda entrevista hablarem🎙 “En la mina, con Vanessa González”os de las diferentes facetas que puede adoptar un ingeniero de minas en el mundo laboral. Nuestro invitado es el ingeniero de Minas y Metalurgia, Juan Antonio Goslinga, mexicano y residente en Inglaterra.

👷🏼‍♂‍Él nos contará como un ingeniero de minas puede laborar en ámbitos diferentes y no necesariamente relacionados a la minería, también nos hablara sobre su experiencia de vida y profesional en México, Canadá e Inglaterra donde trabaja como Operations Manager en la empresa Manufacture 2030.

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Feasibility Studies Overview | The Mining Experience | Episode 1

Feasibility Studies Overview | The Mining Experience | Episode 1

The Mining Experience is a live podcast that invites professionals from the mining industry to discuss new technologies, address challenges, and share work experiences. 

In this first episode of The Mining Experiencewe will discuss the different challenges encountered during feasibility studiesA “Feasibility Study” is a project evaluation to assess a mining development economic viabilityMany factorssuch as infrastructure, mining methods, operating coststypography, etc., are taken into consideration while investigating a feasibility study. The assessment is done through different stages of evaluation and the final decision evolves as more data in detail is collected. 

We had the honor to invite: 

Dr. Hani Mitri; A professor of Mining Engineering at McGill University. He has more than 30 years of experience in research and teaching in underground mining, rock mechanics, ground control, mine design, and feasibility studies. He has supervised to completion more than 60 Master’s and PhD students and published more than 200 papers. He is a licensed engineer in the province of Quebec since 1987. 
Mr. Karl Fecteau; A father of two boys and a Electrical Engineering Graduate in 1999. Mr. Karl has always been working for start-ups in High-Tech / R&D. Currently, working as a CEO at Nemesis Intelligence, his team’s mission is to bring the underground mining industry into the High-Tech world. Mr. Karl’s philosophy consists of knowledge is power and time is money: We give you the knowledge to save time. With a passion in aviation and an airline pilot license, he has the personality of an entrepreneur with a goal to improve humanity. 

Mr. Nick Vukovic; An engineer and director with mining, geological and geotechnical educational background. He has hands-on experience in finding and evaluating mining projects and taking them from exploration into production. He has a proven track record with mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the precious and base metal sector. In addition, he has a lot of experience in large-scale open pit and underground hard rock mining, which includes development, shaft sinking, tunneling, operations and heavy construction projects in North America and on an international level. 

Sección longitudinal para obras subterráneas

Sección longitudinal para obras subterráneas

Dentro del módulo de Diseño de Obras, tenemos muchos comandos para diseñar diferentes tipos de obras, agregar anotaciones, establecer ritmos de producción, agregar rampas y muchas más herramientas. También contamos con un completo conjunto de comandos para la creación de cortes longitudinales a través de galerías, rampas, cruceros o cualquier otro tipo de desarrollo que tenga una línea central. Tenemos la opción de crear esta sección automáticamente o configurarla manualmente y agregar estaciones, puntos y proyectar desarrollos circundantes. Esto nos ayuda a comprender mejor nuestros desarrollos mediante el uso de algunos comandos y la visualización de la información con unos pocos clics. 
Perspectivas de la industria minera en este 2021

Perspectivas de la industria minera en este 2021

Contexto Minero es un podcast dinámico en el cual nuestros panelistas y sus invitados intercambian opiniones acerca de la realidad minera latinoamericana.

En este tercer episodio dialogaremos sobre las perspectivas de la industria minera durante este nuevo año 2021.

Invitados: Perú: Ing. en minas Homar Lozano, director ejecutivo de ISE-Academy y director del instituto de ingenieros de minas del Perú (IIMP).

Colombia: Ing. en minas y metalurgia, Magister en Ingeniería de Recursos Minerales, Carlos Perea, actualmente cursando el doctorado de ingeniería de minas en la Universidad de Chile.

México: Ing. en minas y metalurgia, Abdiel Dominguez, actualmente se desarrolla como supervisor del departamento de operación mina, en la Empresa Fresnillo P.L.C.

Ecuador: Ing. en Minas, Kevin Duque, con diplomado en geomecánica, experiencia en trabajos alrededor de varias minas en Ecuador Continental y geomecánica en Ecuador insular.