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About Promine’s apps development

In today’s mining and geology industries, the need for new technology is constantly evolving. At Promine, we are aware that custom applications are required so that your Company can evolve and excel, while maintaining an increase in profit and safety.

Our philosophy is to always to offer state-of-the-art solutions adapted to the specific needs of our customers. Our services for geological and mining operations will allow you to convert your needs and ideas into efficient applications, thus saving time and resources.

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Why use mobile apps?

Our app development solutions have limitless advantages. Here are some features of why possessing a mobile app is beneficial:


Get live data on mine development and vehicle tracking. Take instant photos and upload them anywhere on site to notify other personnel of safety issues such as faults, rock burst, and much more.


Train an artificial intelligence software capable of predicting tasks, such as stope design, dilution reduction, and much more. This process will therefore remove the need to depend on 1 experienced user.

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Send instant geological updates to your mine server without having to waste on time on tedious tasks such as uploading raw information to a device, then dragging files to folders.

Always on hand

Transcribe everything that happens around on site. Whether you need to take notes/photos, record an audio, add markers on site, your custom mobile app will allow you to do so on an interactive map to be shared with everyone in the mine.

Examples of apps we can develop for you

Available on all devices

Our apps can be developed on any device with any operating system (Android, Windows, mac, etc.)

Need help deciding on what to develop? Ask us now for more info!

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