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How to organize your drawing files using AutoCAD and Promine

šŸ†“ Free Course | How to Organize your Drawing Files Using AutoCAD andĀ Promine

āœ… In this webinar we will learn how toĀ create and manage layers in AutoCADĀ along with different AutoCAD features for layers, such as filters, layer statesĀ andĀ palettes. We will also create layers and manageĀ layersĀ using the Filer module ofĀ Promine, we will also handle some of the features of this moduleĀ and see how complementary both AutoCAD andĀ PromineĀ tools areĀ to our daily tasks.

šŸ“This event will be hosted on zoom and live streamed on Facebook. To watch the webinar, you can register on Zoom or follow us on FacebookĀ @PROMINEINC .Ā 

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Paola Reyes


Paola Reyes
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