Promine’s Latin American Interuniversity Competition is an event where Promine receives students from partner universities in the Latin American region. Students at participating universities will compete in a series of fun and academic challenges over the course of two days. The event also brings together industry professionals to share their experiences with tomorrow’s mining engineers and geologists.

Learn more about the CLIP 2021 event!

Promine presents the second edition of CLIP, Latin American Interuniversity Competition of Promine.
This competition is based on evaluating mine engineering academic knowledge and student skills using Promine. University mine engineering students from 7 Latin American countries will be invited to participate.

The competition consists of two phases:
In the first phase, 5 students from each university will compete online for the opportunity to travel to Medellin, Colombia with all the expenses paid to participate in the second phase. There will only be one winner per university.

It will take place at the headquarters of the National University of Colombia on December 2 and 3, 2021. There the finalists will face another Promine challenge and the top 3 will be awarded for their skills, and they will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities allowing them to create a network of international contacts of mining professionals.