Promoting Equality in Mining

March 4, 2022
Oumaima Latiris

Oumaima Latiris

Ingénieur diplômé de l'école Mohammedia d'ingénieur au Maroc en génie minérale option génie minier ainsi qu'officier de réserve. Actuellement chargé de compte de Québec au Canada pour Promine, elle est l'interlocuteur qui maintient la relation entre les clients et l'organisation. Elle s'occupe aussi d'étendre le réseau commercial de Promine.

The “Women’s performance in the industry” topic, is still a conflict between the two genders. All around the world, and in every industry, Women suffer from discrimination, their physical abilities are always questioned in normal work circumstances. The mining industry is no exception, it is known as man’s world, yet so many women are digging their way through that masculine word fiercely. 

In 2022, despite all the developments, mining is still one of the most perilous and challenging industries in the world. Therefore, the proportion of women employed by mining companies sits at around 15.7%, most of them are recruited to work on the surface. Stereotypes, embraced by so many minds, are preventing women from achieving their dreams, taking their chances away from them, and even worse, drawing their paths for them. So instead of encouragements, Women are only seeking to promote equity, The minimum chance to let their abilities decides whether they are able of a certain job or not, not gender diversity. which is a basic right, that shouldn’t be an issue at this point of development. 

Women continue to be harassed and vastly under-represented, even if they have proven their intellectual abilities, responsibility, strength, and creativity, features companies are looking for. Thanks to women’s determination in the mining field, many female engineers, geologists, and all mineworkers staff keep working hard, underground, in extremely difficult situations, forcing the promotion of equity and defying the masculinity culture. 



Why The Mining Industry Needs More Women ( 





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