Student Academic License Request

Start applying your mining knowledge to software

Terms and conditions:

  • EA student license is only available for students who are enrolled with universities who participate in our academic program.
  • EUpon approval of the license, the applicant may only use the license for academic purposes.
  • EUpon approval, the applicant must not use the license to perform professional work, such as mine designs for a Company, professional consulting work, or any other type of work that Promine considers to be outside of the scope of academia.
  • EIn case of nonadherence to the requirements, Promine reserves the right to immediately terminate the license without warning.
  • EThe student license does not include support or access to the client portal.
  • EUpon completion of this form, the applicant agrees that the information provided is true. By clicking “Submit”, the applicant understands that false information may lead to the termination of the license without warning. Promine also reserves the right to refuse further requests from this applicant if the provided information is false.
Please note that only students enrolled in universities who participate in Promine's Academic Program can obtain a Promine student license.
Please note that, upon approval, your license will be activated for 5 months from the start date.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.
Please scan your photo ID and attach it here. Note that this ID must be a government approved ID with a clear photo. Accepted file types: PDF, Word, PNG, JPEG.