About us

The software

Promine is a software solution built by mining and geology experts. As an extension of AutoDesk’s AutoCAD software providing additional functionality specifically oriented towards the mining industry. Our software uses the native 3-dimensional aspect of CAD software to enable users to produce functional models of working, planned or past mines. Our focus is on the development of technology for underground mines, open-pit mining, as well as strictly geological activities.

Promine owes its success to the knowledgeable and passionate team of experts behind the software. Using their years of experience in the mining and the geology industry, they have perfected the software to become an exceptional tool for mining and geology tasks.


Trusted by over 100 clients

With a strong presence in Canada, USA, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Central America and Africa

Our mission is to help our customers be more efficient and more profitable in just a few clicks

We do this by developing easy-to-use mining & geology software using our extensive mining experience and understanding of the industry’s challenges. At Promine, we strive to offer exceptional customer service to our clients to ensure that their operations run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.