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Promine addresses one of the most critical issues in mining and geology software: the lack of complete integration from exploration to production.
Our users are guaranteed a smooth transition between all phases of exploration and production.

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An invaluable addition to your AutoCAD toolkit that will save you time by keeping your drawings up-to-date.



The building block of successful mine planning. Import survey data to create as-built 3D models.


Get greater value over fixed-wing drones and increased flexibility to reassign resources to higher value-added activities.


All your 3D modeling needs come together to form a powerful tool for visualizing your mine layout.


Move easily to the next blasting round and mark the drifts contour using accurate survey data from a tablet.

Dilution Control

Reduce your dilution significantly using artificial intelligence and optimize your stopes to extract the maximum amount of ore


Progeox’s geology modules allow you to plan out channel sampling and diamond drill-hole programs, map out entire drilling databases, annotate drill holes with grade lithologies and color code for easy viewing.


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