Our Commercial Alliances

Our alliances aim to provide you with more functionalities and more opprtunities for your business so you can achive more as efficienlty as possible.

Mo Trade inc.

Mo Trade inc. is a trading Company based in Montreal, Canada and their main trading partner is Nigeria. As Nigeria’s economy is rising and will play an important role in the global economy, Mo Trade aims to import and export products between Canada and Nigeria as well as seek investments opportunities in Nigeria. MoTrade inc. can help you get Promine started in Nigeria and show how it can help you achieve your project’s needs using custom mining software solutions. Their mission is to facilitate business between Canada and Nigeria, provide value to customers and create strong lasting relationships.

To learn more, visit Mo Trade’s website here.

Contact for mining solutions in Nigeria:

Samuel Kpogha | +234 817 310 4512 | [email protected]