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April 20, 2020
Mohamed Zaki

Mohamed Zaki

Mohamed Zaki is a Marketing specialist at Promine. He has an undergraduate degree in Mining Engineering CO-OP from McGill University. With an opportunity to do 3 research studies with excellent professors from McGill University and experience in open-pit mining, he developed an interest in analyzing data using powerful programs. Upon joining the Promine team, Mohamed worked as a Quality Assurance & Support Specialist, then obtained a position as a Sales Specialist. A few months later, he took the role of a Marketing Specialist in which he currently operates to promote the professional image and products of Promine Company.

In this tip of the month, we will schedule Tasks and Mining Blocks, and create a Gantt Chart. To do so:

  1. Draw the contours of the upper and lower surface of the 3D Bench.

2. From the 3D Bench Module, found in the Modeling Category, select the command “Draw Surface” (3DBS) and draw flat meshes using the upper and lower contours.

3. From the 3D Bench Module, found in theModeling Category, select the command “Construct Bench” (3DBC) and select the upper and lower flat meshes to construct a 3D Bench.

4. Draw closed polylines representing the cutting limits of the 3D Bench.

5. From the Solids Module, found in the Modeling Category, select the command “Slice Solids” (PROMSLICE) and cut the 3D Bench into subparts along the closed polylines.

6. From the Mine Planning Module, found in the Engineering1 Category, select the command “Insert” (MPLI) and insert Tasks and Mining Blocks. If necessary, make sure to configure the predecessors, for example, a task of loading & hauling can only start after a task of drill & blast.

7. From the Mine Planning Module, found in the Engineering1 Category, select the command “Reports” (MPLR), select “Gantt Chart” and select all Tasks and Mining Blocks to schedule.

8. From the Grid Module, found in the Essentials category, select the command “Create Layout” (GRD) to insert a professional layout, ready for printing.



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