Mining software & drift modeling

March 30, 2021
Martin Gradillas

Martin Gradillas

I graduated from the University of Sonora with a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering, with a strong background in mining software and open pit operations. I work at Promine as an Account Executive, reaching out to clients, giving demos, training and webinars, suggesting new updates and improvements, participating in marketing activities and more. I aspire to be part of the change in perception for the mining industry, since I believe it can work with the environment and society in a sustainable manner. Also, to help innovate in this leading industry. On my free time I enjoy going on a walk or run with my dog, spending time with my family, catching up with friends, read an autobiography or fiction, do environmental community work. “If it can’t be grown, it has to be mined.”

In the mining industry,planning is a key factor for success. In today’s age it is absolutely fundamentalfor mine sites to operate and plan their future developments with software.
From the very beginning of the
exploration to the closure of a mine.

Mine sites that implement specialized software’s for their planning are able to store large amounts of data and have them at their disposals for manipulating in a matter of seconds.
There are many types of
activities that can be done, for example on the geological side you can import your data from diamond drill holes, interpret the information, create block models and estimate resources, as well as perform geostatistical models.

On the mine planningside, once you have your orebody and resources defined, you can choose your mining method and begin another critical phase of planning. For undergroundmining, drift modeling is an important aspect for the development of the mine. A complete set of tools will ensure the planning process goescorrectly to a fixed budget and time period. Also, depending on the mining method chosen (cut and fill, room and pillar, and so on), drift modeling will also be an important aspect to the drill and blast activities.

The main features that must contain a mining software for modeling drifts is to be able to plan out developments with information regarding to the geometry (distance, shape,slope,size direction, position, etc.) of the drifts, advance rates,overbreak reports,include material price to calculate cost per meter, create face maps, insert faults or other geomechanical information and to add attributes to the drawings, so when they are printed, they can be easily interpretated.

Other options like creating fast and easy sections of drifts can come in handy when planning, to help get a different perspective on the developments and to include them in mine plans. Since the industry is always evolving, new tools and opportunities keep coming up forminesoftware development. We hope to see new features and creative ideas to improvedrift modelingin the near future.

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