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Drill & Blast

Drill-and-Blast is a cornerstone of mining operations, playing a vital role in the extraction of minerals. This process combines precision drilling and controlled explosives to break down rock formations and create pathways for further mining activities. 

Drill-and-Blast is an indispensable part of mining as it plays a crucial role in optimizing resource utilization. By utilizing an accurate design to blast stopes for extraction, mining operations can optimize the use of equipment, time, and resources, enhancing overall efficiency and sustainability. 

While creating drill-and-blast designs can be complicated, CAD offers a unique way to complete your design efficiently in a precise way. Promine’s drill-and-blast modules takes advantage of CAD by utilizing blocks, polyline segments, section cutting, and the ability to adjust the UCS in any direction. This comprehensive method provides an accurate way of inserting drilling and explosive data in a user-friendly way. Promine also offers you a seamless way to insert customized reports to correctly display the information needed to be passed on to the operations team.

Effective planning is crucial in the realm of Drilling & Blasting within the mining industry for the following reasons:

Effective planning ensures the safety of workers and infrastructure by identifying and mitigating potential risks in Drilling & Blasting operations.
Cost Efficiency
Well-planned approaches minimize waste, resulting in dilution control and cost savings by optimizing the use of explosives, drilling equipment, and labor.
Fragmentation and Productivity
Proper planning influences rock fragmentation, leading to improved productivity in subsequent processes such as loading, hauling, and crushing.
Environmental Considerations
Careful planning helps mitigate the environmental impact of Drilling & Blasting, controlling factors like noise, vibration, and dust.
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Discover how Promine’s modules provide invaluable assistance in developing a robust and effective drill-and-blast design, ensuring optimal resource utilization and enhanced operational efficiency.

Compatible with:

AutoCAD - civil3D

Drift Drilling & Blasting

A versatile module specialized in the development of drilling and blasting grids in underground mining advance faces. Quickly personalize your drift shape, design drilling cuts, insert drill holes, choose an explosive, and insert detailed reports to effectively advance your horizontal development. Get your whole team to work together using Promines collaborative tool. This allows multiple users to work on the same drawing and design, without worrying about overwriting saved data. 

INGENIERÍA – Módulo de Diseño de Obras

Drill/Blast Surface

A powerful module that empowers you with functionalities to facilitate your surface drilling and blasting processes. With this module, you can easily insert drill holes, specify spacing and burden for efficient hole placement, and load selected holes with explosives. You can set delays, generate reports, and compute powder factors to optimize the blast design. The module also offers features like updating hole names, importing drilling blocks from a database, and exporting hole data for seamless integration.

Drill Blast Surface Module - ESP

Drill/Blast Underground

This module offers a comprehensive set of tools to streamline your drilling and blasting operations. From positioning the drill in the drift to inserting holes in stopes, modifying hole parameters, and generating detailed reports, this module provides essential tools for efficient planning and execution. You can easily manipulate drilling sections, erase or insert information, compute explosive quantities, analyze energy distribution, and manage delay blocks. 

Drill_Blast underground Module - ESP

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Learn Drill and Blast with Promine

In this course, you’ll learn how to generate and design the drift drilling and blasting in a stope quickly and intuitively.


7:00 PM GMT+3 Africa
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July 19th, 2023