Importance of Digitization

🎙Episode 14 | The Mining Experience | Importance of Digitization

➡️Digitizing information is key for mining companies to organize their data, obtain calculations with greater precision and improve the evaluation of various factors. Although the process of collecting, validating and scanning the information can be tedious, the resulting database makes analyzing and sharing information more efficient.

In the next episode of our podcast, our guest Pedro Gamboa, geologist and mining specialist, will share with us his insights on how improving mine information management can help the planning of a mine and increase the value of a project.

👷🏼‍♂️About our guest:
Pedro is Geologist and a mining specialist. Currently, he works as a Project Manager for the Consulting Department at Promine Inc. Leader of a group of geologists, him and his team provide support to mining sites in the digital acquisition of databases, records and plans. With a background of more than 14 years teaching CAD Systems, GIS, Basic Programming, Database Manipulation, as well as interaction with Operating Systems and Office Automation, he previously obtained the position of Associate Professor, and the Department Chair of Civil Engineering at the Universidad de Oriente in Venezuela. In addition, he performed academic research collaborations with A.C.