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BricsCAD + Promine | Episode 13

By Mohamed Zaki

✅ The Mining Experience is a live podcast that invites professionals from the mining industry to discuss new technologies, address challenges, and share work experiences. 

In this episode, we talked in detail about Promine’s new compatibility: BricsCAD, developed by Bricsys. BricsCAD is a powerful software application for computer-aided design and construction information modeling. The application also offers conceptual modeling and project collaboration tools. With an international reputation, where partners from more than 80 countries are registered as application developers, Promine is glad to form this alliance to offer more solutions to the mining, surveying and geology industries. 

We had the honour to host a special guest: 

➡️Scott Pember; Mr. Pember is currently managing channel sales and ISV partnerships for Bricsys North America. He is Enterprising sales and market development leader with more than $250 million (two hundred fifty million dollars) in “new products” delivered worldwide. He is an expert at driving new business growth through strategic partnerships such as global SI’s, channel partners, ISVs and alliance developers. 
Mr. Pember has spent his career serving AEC and manufacturing customers, providing world class solutions with companies like Autodesk, Oce, and now Hexagon. He has also started and later sold two separate businesses, serving these same markets. 
Mr. Pember currently lives in Phoenix, AZ enjoying the weather, playing golf in the winter and tournament bowling during the hot summer months. 


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