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Drones in Mining & Surveying | Episode 2

By Mohamed Zaki

The Mining Experience is a live podcast that invites professionals from the mining industry to discuss new technologies, address challenges, and share work experiences. 

In this episode, we will discuss the application of drones in the mining industry. Across the mining industry, technology applications have been taking over all aspects of mining. Drones play an important role when it comes to surveying, productivity, and health & safety. Our guests will discuss these aspects and how to start implementing this technology. 


Ramee Mossa; CEO and founder of TriStar. Drone designer and full stack web developer, Ramee has designed and developed advanced technology product prototypes including several high-performance drones, one of which is patent pending and constitutes the basis for TriStar’s product. Previous work includes software development, technology advisory roles within MNCs, and public policy advising with municipal governments.   

Andres Bayona; VP, Business development and co-founder of TriStar. He has worked as a business strategy and management consultant in North America, Latin America and Asia. He has extensive experience in regulatory matters, allowing him to navigate the changing regulatory landscape for drones. 

Jonathan Aubertin; A graduate of Mining Engineering from McGill University and a Ph.D. in Geological Engineering. Jonathan has been involved with Morton Salt as a CO-OP student, where he also worked part-time. He currently works as a General Foreman over the fixed mine assets at Morton Salt Weeks Island mine, where he runs the hoisting plant and the underground mill. He aspires to be a Civil Engineering Professor at the Université du Québec in Montréal. 


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