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Mining Industry Expectations in 2022 | Episode 10

By Mohamed Zaki

✅ In this episode, we discussed how the mining industry is expected to evolve in 2022. With many changes in how mining is perceived in the past few years, along with new technologies, the mining industry is expected to implement many changes over the next year. Our guest and hosts also discussed how to align our development, in terms of thinking, with today’s technology, to be consistent and sustainable. 

We had the honor to host: 

➡️ Elie Abou-Jaoude; Elie is a graduate researcher in global mine development and sustainability in the Mining and Materials Engineering Department at McGill University. He currently develops and facilitates international training programs on systems thinking and personal transformation for students and engineers in academic institutions, using his background in coaching (ACC-Certified) to foster an experiential learning environment. Elie describes his approach to mining as integral and holistic, with a focus on human empowerment and community development. He has presented his research findings in several conferences since 2015 including CIM, ISMSSE, and GEOMIN. 


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