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Pursuing a Career in Mining in North America l Episode 8

By Mohamed Zaki

✅ In this podcast, we talked about what it’s like to pursue a career in the mining industry and how rewarding it can be. The mining industry can open doors to many other fields and it’s important to know which path to take so that you’re sure to pursue the right career for you and to stay passionate about your work. 

This episode had the honor to invite a very special guest: 

➡️ Caelen Burand; An ambitious mining engineering and geology student at the University of Arizona Honors College. As a striving polymath enthusiastic about responsible resourcing, Caelen has been working in mineral exploration and mining since the age of 16 in various positions as a mine geologist, entrepreneur, and engineer within diverse organizations like Nevada Gold Mines, Cholla Lapidary, and the Last Chance Mine. With a personal mission to improve the status quo, he leads Mercury Free Mining’s research program mitigating mercury use in artisanal and small-scale mining across the globe. Furthermore, he is developing a novel transdisciplinary student research hub at the Lowell Institute of Mineral Resources and is founder and director of Young Mining Professionals Arizona. In these roles he actively works with diverse teams to enhance young miners and the mining industry. During his free time, Caelen enjoys taking care of his dogs, investigating global politics, learning new disciplines, and exploring the rural, natural world. 


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