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For mine design, planning, scheduling, drill-and-blast, stope design, dilution and pit planning basics.


Divide your stope into unlimited number of sections to accurately compute the total dilution. Generate dilution reports detailing the total diluted tonnage and the percentage of ore left in place.

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Drift Design

Design drifts and ramps in 2D and 3D by creating centerlines, then easily insert annotations to create a clear plan showing all information needed for development. Unfold your section to view a detailed analysis of the inserted station blocks and elevations.

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Drill/Blast Underground

Design drill-and-blast plans and insert reports showing lengths, explosives weight, safety distance, etc. Calculate powder factors and generate an energy analysis to determine optimal rock breakage.

40 Companies use this

Raise Design

Connect underground workings by creating a raise in different shapes. Annotate and model designs easily.

37 Companies use this

Drift Drilling and Blasting

Design horizontal cuts and personalize your drift shape to effectively advance your development. Load holes, apply delays and generate a customized report for your operation.

14 Companies use this

Mine Planning

Generate schedules and Gantt charts of your mine development progress. This powerful tool uses CAD’s block feature to store all data and to display your schedule in a Gantt chart. Use the optimization tool to set your goals and calculate your profit.

14 Companies use this

Drill/Blast Surface

Design drill-and-blast patterns for benches, calculate powder factors, delays, and create drilling and blasting reports.

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Stope Design

Compute tonnages and grades of a block model. Create a 3D model of a specified grade and perform stope optimization.

13 Companies use this


Search the drifts surroundings to identify intersections between mine workings.

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Rock Mechanics

Insert annotations of a hydraulic radius in a stope contour. Then, draw isocontours of hydraulic radiuses.

1 Companies use this

Pit Planning

Perform pit optimization on a block model and visualize pit shells generated by the optimizer. Use manipulation commands to project 3D polylines and ramps in order to build benches effectively.

1 Companies use this

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