Dilution Control

Design mine developments including generating reports
for planning and scheduling your operation. 

Plan out your drifts, ramps, raises, stope designs and drilling/blasting patterns then analyze patterns using the energy analysis tool to guarantee optimal rock breakage. Discover these modules to help you improve your day-to-day operations

Drill & Blast : Underground

Create drill and blast plans with delays, calculate powder factors and generate energy analysis to determine optimal rock breakage. Generate reports ready to be sent to the operations team.

Drill & Blast : Surface

Design drill and blast patterns for benches, calculate powder factors, delays, and create drilling and blasting reports ready to be sent to the operations team.

Drift Planning

Design drifts and ramps with ease based on annotated centerlines. The drift planning module is capable of quickly creating 3D models and longitudinal sections along a drift to show advance progress, and survey information.

Stope Design

Compute tonnages and grades based on geological data from block models and create accurate annotations to keep stopes organized.

Raise Planning

Connect underground workings by creating any type of raise. Annotate and model designs easily.


Maintain a safe mine by using the proximity module. Search layers and their coordinates to identify intersections between mine workings.

Mine Scheduling

From weekly mine plans to more mid-range planning, Promine’s mine planning module is perfect for short term planning and drawing up quick Gantt charts for your operations.


Find where dilution is coming from and compute how much dilution was produced in each stope. Compare mining and blasting methods to minimize dilution.

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