The ultimate coordination platform built for mining teams.


Minebook is an integrated work management platform designed to optimize day-to-day mining operations of any size. 

Minebook integrates workloads from production and engineering teams to ensure outcomes are delivered according to the mining plan. Achieve your goals and optimize your workflow process in an all-in-one platform.

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With this innovative platform, each staff member in a mining organization can share information in real time in an efficient, well-structured environment.

Obtain a clear vision of progress in the mining projects involving your team and other groups. Contact a task owner directly and make the adjustments needed to complete the task. Be notified immediately of any changes involving you to ensure better follow-up.

Gain visibility, control and agility to deliver your mining plan





Use Minebook to...

Minebook makes it easy for every team member to update, organize and keep track of tasks and projects in which they are involved without any advanced training necessary.

Identify, assign and keep track of any critical tasks involving your teams and others. Be notified of any changes or potential delays and communicate directly with task owners to ensure better coordination.

Share your current mine plan with other teams and adjust to any situations by adding tasks and details on the go. Each department can create their own projects without compromising the integrity of other schedules.

Centralize your data
Minebook is an integrated work management platform designed to optimize day-to-day mining operations of any size.
Compare the planned versus the actual in real time
Minebook incorporates data from both the operational and planning schedules, ensuring detailed monitoring for better compliance and meeting planning commitments.
Standardize and automate your execution process
Minebook provides a structured task-driven environment that automatically creates and directly distributes to critical resources the processes required to ensure superior operational execution.
Empower your key people to generate value
Minebook assigns task prerequisites and deadlines directly to people, which reinforces their engagement and highlights the importance of their work within the project execution process.
Minebook drives KPIs that matter for your mine site
Get a clear picture of a given situation by displaying strong data that remain linked to their execution details, leading quickly to events, comments and directly involved people.
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We are pleased to add Minebook to our always increasing list of mining and geology applications offer.
Minebook collaborative toolbox complements very well our portfolio of production oriented solutions. The synergy between Promine and Minebook will bonify the productivity of our clients by improving the team collaboration and management of tasks. We are looking forward to making you aware of its features and benefits.

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Discover Minebook: Your Mining Team's Game-Changer

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Minebook can help you to:

  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce downtimes
  • Make better decisions


7:00 PM GMT+3 Africa
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November 22nd, 2023