Create as built 3D models with imported survey data.

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Construct and manipulate 3D models of surfaces, geological structures and other underground mining developments. Calculate volumes, tonnages and apply boolean operations on 3D solids. Visualize your 3D developments in more depth using point clouds.


Triangulate and manipulate 3D surfaces by switching 3D faces, adding points, editing lines, and adding elevation contour lines using color coding. Create modelized, smooth surfaces for better visualization.

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Convert 3D solids to meshes or vice-versa. Use the powerful slicing tool to quickly cut 3D objects. Calculate volumes and manipulate 3D models using boolean operations.

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3D Bench

Build top and bottom surfaces then create benches according to specifications and gain accurate volume and tonnage calculations.

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3D Drift

Create as-built plans of all drifts swiftly with dated color coding according to surveyed data.

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3D Modeling

Promine’s go-to 3D modeling module. Create 3D models automatically or by manipulating each vertex to construct a customized model. Join, close or edit polylines easily to quickly get the shape you desire.

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Rooms & Pillars

Create an orebody and map out pillars, then calculate the volume and tonnage. Mine out horizontal orebodies with ease.

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3D Raise

Create a model of various raise types with survey data, then compute the volume and tonnages.

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Point Clouds

Save time by intelligently reducing the number of points of a large point cloud. Create 3D models and sections from point clouds to get accurate volume calculations.

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