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  • Create geostatistical models from samples and block models.
  • Create block models from composites and perform resource estimation.
  • Plan and insert a diamond drillling campaign, the data of coordinates, azimuth, inclination and length.
  • Import hole data stored into a drawing from any common database and edit them in 3D.
  • Create a map contour and create a surface model of a property for better visualization.
  • Create an implicit model of a lithology and model a surface of a property.

Diamond Drill Hole & Channel Sampling

Insert diamond drill holes and channel data into drawings. Annotate and composite grades along holes for accurate block modeling and resource calculations.

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Calculate the statistics such as the median, coefficient of variation, percentile, etc. Insert a distribution table directly in the drawing, create a grade-tonnage curve and measure the correlation between different data.

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Perform conventional resource estimation from various methods based on the geometry of the mineralization. Generate reports of tonnage, grade, dilution and thickness.

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Geological Mapping

Model different lithologies using the easy to use function of implicit modeling. Import data points and their attributes to create isocontours or surfaces that allows to clearly visualize data.

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Hole Planning

Create robust drilling plans with adjustments for deviations and end of hole predictions. Issuecustomizable reports showing hole IDs, length, diameter, etc.

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Face Map

Map geological faces with ease and assign different rock types to defined areas of the face map. Insert geological structures and create tonnage reports of the face.

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Block Modeling

Create accurate block models from drill holes or import a block model in any industry standard file format, then carry out various resource calculations.

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