Customize properties for CAD objects and define UCS configurations.


This module may be used for open-pit mining. This module may be used for underground mining.

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Create, edit and select customized properties for CAD objects. Define multiple UCS configurations for different projects and configure your global Promine settings.

This module allows you to:

  1. Return to plan World and set the UCS to world.
  2. Set the view center of the camera by picking a point and start free orbit.
  3. Set the current User Coordinate System.
  4. Tranfer objects from a coordinate system to another.
  5. Configure coordinate transfers.
  6. Converts a 3D polyline into a 2D polyline
  7. Converts a 2D polyline into a 3D polyline.
  8. Extract coordinate points from polylines and write them to a text file.
  9. Inserts a grade, rock type or month geology legend in drawing.
  10. Purge a Layer.
  11. Removes unnecessary points from a polyline.
  12. Creates an offset of a 3D polyline.
  13. Open a toolbar with useful commands for tablets.

This module is provided complementarily with any purchased Promine module.

This module is part of the Essentials Category. Manage all your drawings and plans in one place. For drawing management, branded layouts, printing, section cutting and storing lists of valuable blocks.

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