Dilution Control

Efficiently import survey data points to update your mine workings


Import and update drawings with survey data points in a few clicks. Insert an azimuth table, a tape survey, a radial survey and compute the length of chains. Stay organized and connect your database to store all your stations.

Tape & compass Survey

Using this powerful module, quickly create a 3D model of your mine from data such as: Length, Azimuth, and inclination of the main axis of the different drifts.

Live Survey

Set up. Connect. Get results insantly. Move easily to the next blasting round and mark the drifts contour using accurate survey data from a tablet.

Basic Live Survey

Locate the instrument quickly by performing a resection of two prisms. Then, survey the underground development and show drilling direction to accurately advance to the next round efficiently using a Leica instrument.

Advanced Live Survey

Complete your full surveying job in detail by easily measuring underground drilling holes, staking grade lines and measuring the overbreak and underbreak of a face. Use comprehensive commands such as marking face walls, backs and floors to automatically survey as-built drifts layouts directly in the drawing.

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