Academic Program

Promine is an active promoter of mining and geology education.

Why participate in Promine’s Academic Program?

Building the future of mining engineering and geologyPromine’s academic program is partnered with various universities and technical institutes all over the world.

Our academic license program consists of an agreement of at least 2 years in which complete licenses will be granted to the academic institutions free of charge. The program also contains a training plan of 16 hours on how to use the software at a reduced cost. The academic institution, for its part, commits to include Promine as part of its curriculum. 

The Agreement

The academic licence, software updates and online training are completely free for the academic institution as long as they commit to impart the Promine software in their curriculum for this lapse of time.

The License

Our academic licence program includes full licenses with support for professors and IT personnel. The updates, improvements and new tools developed in the software will be included in the agreement free of charge.

The Training

The online training will have a duration of 16 hours. Trainings are available for up to 10 people at a time. The students enrolled may record the training for a better learning experience.

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Ready to enroll your university with Promine?

Follow the steps below to install Promine at your univeristy and benefit from an easy-to-use mining and surveying software! 

  1. From the Contact Us page, select your region on the world map. Send an email to the account executive that appears when you click on your region.
  2. The account executive will send you a contract, in which the terms between Promine and your University are defined. Please read it carefully.
  3. The contract will then have to be signed by the university or the institution head or director.
  4. Once the agreement is signed, the account executive will begin the process of installing Promine in your University. If Promine will be installed on a server, then please provide us with the IT Department’s contact information to ensure that the installation is done correctly.
  5. Once the installation is complete, the Professor/Lecturer/Instructor will receive licenses, free of charge, and 16 hours of free online training.
  6. The Professor/Lecturer/Instructor can then start teaching Promine to students.
  7. Other than providing licenses on the university’s server, students may also request a personal student license using the form: Student Academic License Request.

Student Licenses

Students who are enrolled with universities who participate in our academic program are able to obtain a license free of charge*.

*Certain conditions apply

University Competitions & Activities

Promine is committed to deliver an excellent learning experience for students, who will be responsible for the mining industry’s future. We also host interuniversity competitions, in which students have the opportunity to participate and compete in different activites and software challenges.


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