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Importing Survey Data with Promine

By Mohamed Zaki

This month’s segment shows you how to import data points and then assign the attributes a different layer. To do so: 

  1. For each item to be imported from your data point file, create a drawing for it > insert an attribute > save the drawing in Promine > Config > SRV 
  1. Go to the options of the Survey module 
  1. Go to survey types > select the file type > Edit 
  1. In the Point code list, add the items. Make sure to select their corresponding blocks 
  1. In case you input a layer suffix, create new layer(s) with the same suffix 
  1. Go to the Survey module and select the command Process File (SRVJ) 
  1. Select the file type and then select the file containing the data points saved on your device 
  1. Associate each item to the right column and click OK 
  1. A preview of the file will be shown; make sure the columns are imported correctly and click OK 
  1. The program will import the data points into their respective layers. Insert the date anywhere in the drawing 
  1. Create a new layer for the attribute 
  1. Go to Home > Block > Attribute, Block and Attribute Manager… (BATTMAN) 
  1. Select the block > Select the attribute > Edit > Properties > uncheck “Invisible” in Attribute > associate the attribute to a different layer in Properties > click OK > click Apply > click OK 
  1. The attributes are now associated to a different layer


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