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Our users are guaranteed a smooth transition between all phases of the mining process including resource evaluation, planning,
scheduling operations and mine closure.

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Promine combines an AutoCAD integrated interface
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For planning vital mining and geology tasks, Promine addresses one of the most critical issues in mining and geology: the lack of complete integration from exploration to production. Our users are guaranteed a smooth transition between all phases of the exploration process including resource evaluation, planning, scheduling operations and mine closure. Learn more about all our products.

The solution for geologists. The key to succesful mine planning starts at the exploration phase. Progeox’s geology modules allow you to plan out channel sampling and diamond drill-hole programs, map out entire drilling databases and much more.

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Emerald Mines in Colombia

Emerald Mines in Colombia

The home of the most beautiful Colombian emeralds is in the Eastern Cordillera (Oriental) between Cundinamarca and Boyac√° in the eastern ridge of the Andes Mountains. The tree main mining areas are Chivor, Muzo and Coscuez. Before the arrival of the Spaniards in 1499…

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