Point Clouds – The Visualization Tool of the Future

March 2nd, 2023

2:00 pm ET

The mining industry constantly faces important challenges that require new technological developments to provide efficient solutions. Working with point clouds is one of the latest technological developments that allow obtaining an accurate representation of the reality of a surface. Because of this, now it is possible to be more efficient and accurate with information management.

In our first chapter of 2023 of The Mining Experience, we will talk about Point Clouds, The Visualization Tool of the Future. Together with our guest, we will discuss instruments used to properly scan point clouds and thus optimize the operations of different industries. We will also mention new technologies and innovative software that can easily manage point cloud data and integrate it with mining, surveying, and geology software.


Yvan Dione

President of the Company Promine inc., A mining and surveying software that serves over 100 clients in more than 10 countries.Mr. Yvan is a respected individual in the mining industry and has an extensive experience in programming, underground mining, and CAD based software.


Daniela Jaimes
Daniela Jaimes has an undergraduate degree in Marketing and another one in Global Business Management. With experience carrying out digital marketing strategies for companies in various industries. Currently, Daniela is the Marketing Manager at Promine.
Oumaima Latiris - Promine photo
Oumaima Latiris
Engineer graduated from the Mohammedia School of Engineering in Morocco in mineral engineering specialized in mining as well as reserve officer. Currently the account manager of Canada for Promine. She is the liaison between the clients and the organization. She is also in charge of expanding Promine’s commercial network in Canada.

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