Promine’s Mining and Geology Consulting Services

By Mohamed Zaki

By understanding your mine’s geological resources, you are assured that you have the fundamental basis of executing the mine design and plan. At Promine, we understand the importance of assessing orebodies and other geological data to apply science and technology and provide you with results showing the viability of the mine life. 

Promine’s professional, experienced, and multidisciplinary consulting team has extensive knowledge that offers you consulting services in many areas of the mining cycle, ranging from pre-feasibility studies to mine management. Our philosophy is not about chasing profits but being the most trusted consultancy. Our philosophy also includes transferring knowledge to your employees, so you can use entrusted, valuable knowledge to continue your project. 

Overall, Promine offers you proficient studies in virtually the entire spectrum of mining operations, project development, and specialized technical audits of mineral properties. 

Some of our services include: 

  • Feasibility studies 
  • Mine Design & production planning 
  • Mineral resource and reserve estimation 
  • Geological interpretation and Block Modeling
  • Mine engineering property evaluations 
  • Capital and operating cost estimation 
  • Civil and structural engineering 
  • Using artificial intelligence to predict dilution 
  • Real-time surveying using LEICA


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