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Unveiling the Future of Efficient and Reliable Mine Surveying

By Robin Montufar

In the world of underground mining, safety, and precision are paramount. Surveying plays a crucial role in ensuring that both of these aspects are met. Traditional mine surveying methods, while effective, have often been time-consuming and prone to errors. However, a technological revolution is underway, as automated tools are reshaping the landscape of mine surveying. 

Traditional mine surveying involved manual measurements and data collection, which was not only labor-intensive but also presented safety risks to surveyors in hazardous environments. These methods relied heavily on the expertise of human surveyors, leaving room for human errors and discrepancies. Moreover, the time required for conducting surveys could result in production delays and increased costs.

The emergence of automated tools has breathed new life into mine surveying by enhancing accuracy, safety, and efficiency. Promine Live Survey Module (LSV) is one such tool that is at the forefront of this revolution in automation and the use of the latest technology in underground mining. Promine LSV allows both surveyors and miners to analyze survey data in situ and visualize it before moving on to their next workings. This immediate access to the survey data allows miners to accurately correct their work in case there is a deviation from the planned gallery, thus keeping the overbreak and underbreak to a minimum, which in turn translates into significant savings for your operation.

Promine’s Live Survey Module is an intuitive software that runs in conjunction with AutoCAD on a Windows rugged tablet. In addition to this, LSV utilizes a total station such as Leica’s Bluetooth-enabled total station, Topcon, or Trimble’s instruments. With these three components, your surveyors and miners will be at the cutting edge of automatized and accurate data collection as your mine progresses. The software allows you to add reference points linked to a database, stake various points, compare planned and actual profiles, survey diamond drill holes, etc., all while simultaneously viewing the results on your tablet as the instrument carries out the measurements. Data is automatically saved so you don’t lose information and it is easily synchronized with your master drawings and databases once your tablet is reconnected to the network.

The benefits of Promine’s Live Survey in your mining operations are manifold:

Accurate Data: Promine’s Live Survey virtually eliminates human errors, providing accurate and consistent data that can be used for precise decision-making. 

Time and Cost Savings: Promine’s LSV drastically reduces surveying time, leading to faster data acquisition and quicker project turnaround. This translates to reduced operational costs and increased productivity.

Real-time Survey Monitoring: LSV offers real-time data, allowing miners to respond swiftly to inaccuracies encountered between the mined area and the planned drift. The validity of the surveyed data is checked directly at the face, which saves time in the event of an error.

Better data management: There is no transfer of data or transition files; Promine’s drawings are updated immediately as the survey is completed.

Automated tools such as Promine’s Live Survey Module are ushering in a new era of mine surveying, marked by accuracy, safety, and efficiency. These tools not only transform the way mining operations are monitored but also redefine the potential for sustainable and responsible resource extraction. As the mining industry embraces automation, we are likely to witness safer mines, increased productivity, and a reduced environmental footprint – and Promine is proud to be at the forefront of the technology that makes this possible.


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