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Women in Mining | Episode 12

By Gerson Robledo

✅ The Mining Experience is a live podcast that invites professionals from the mining industry to discuss new technologies, address challenges, and share work experiences. 

In this episode, we had the honor to have 2 amazing women sharing their experiences in the mining industry. 
We talked about the difficulties of being part of an industry that is largely male-dominated, why it is vital that women’s voice is heard for the mining sector to improve in equity, diversity and inclusion. We consider it is everyone’s responsibility to work for a transformation that benefits employees, communities, businesses and organizations. 

Ours special guests for this episode were: 
👷🏼‍♀️Eva Dierkes 
Eva, has a master’s degree in mining engineering from Germany. After moving to Canada she worked for a few years as a QC specialist in the video game industry. She joined Promine nearly 5 years ago as a QA specialist and has since then become the VP of Technical Services. 

👷🏻‍♀️Rim Kouider 
Rim is a junior mining engineer who graduated from McGill University. Throughout her internships, she acquired a diversified experience in material handling, process, drill & blast, and project management. She worked with Rio Tinto in project management and controls and has now joined Tetra Tech as a junior engineering consultant. Additionally, she studies management of the mineral industry and is highly involved in the student community. She helped organize the 32d edition of the Canadian Mining Games and will stay on the team as part of the Board of Directors.​ 


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