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Room And Pillar Modeling

By Mohamed Zaki

In this tip of the month, we will see how to build a Room-And-Pillar model using survey points. This will allow you to easily calculate the total tonnage of the mined rooms while obtaining a good visualization of the overall mine design. To do so:   

  1. Import the surveyed points of the back, floor, pillars, and the wall in the drawing. Make sure each one of these objects are on different layers.  
  1. In the Room-And-Pillars module from the Modeling Category, use the draw surface command (RAPS) to model the back and floor surfaces.  
  1. Use the Wall command (RAPW) to model the 3D wall between the surfaces. You can also use intermediate polyline contours to shape the wall as desired.  
  1. Join all surfaces together using the Join surfaces (RAPJ) command.  
  1. Extract the pillars using the Pillar command (RAPP) to use the 2D pillar contours to cut out the shape of the pillars from the 3D model. You can also insert the model of the 3D pillars in the drawing  
  1. Calculate the total tonnage of the mined area using the Volume command (RAPV). Press F2 to expand the command line where the results will be displayed. 


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